Oczy szeroko zamknięte (wersja angielska)

"Eyes open madly"

tłum. Daniel Wyszogrodzki

Stay here at least for a moment
Don't need a second too early
Let's get lost in the stardust
Stars are flying in my bedroom
One bed is all that we needed
To be amazed with each other
Before your star disappear
I want the ceiling to shatter
My tears will always be quiet
Cause I am dying to keep you
Like evening air in a battle
Like a drop of gold in a crystal

I am still reading your body
With my fingers so hungry
With my eyes open madly
I am still learning your body
Reading from cover to cover
What else can I discover?

I know, you've got to hurry
You can't stay here forever
Our bodies sell on the frozen
Our shadows dancing together
Clouds run faster and faster
Time will never go backward
You won't be here by the morning
Flames will die in the candles
You can sleep like a burglar
When the levy starts breaking
Given me the clue to your body
Please don’t let me go crazy